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Daniel Connor, Front End UI/UX Developer & Designer

A professional web based developer and designer since the official start of the future, the year 2000, my focus is on creating responsive, cross-platform, well designed websites that are attractive, accessible, professional, functional and pleasing to use.

Specialties: Responsive UI/UX Devlopment & Design, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, WordPress, Joomla! & Magento

Recent Projects

Contract positions have included stints at prestigious agencies including AnalogFolk and The Crocodile, working on projects for clients such as Sainsbury's, EMC, Go On UK, Anouska Hempel Design, Blinkbox books and Ben & Jerry's.

> Ben & Jerry's

> EMC Vspex

> Blinkbox Books

> Illustrated London News (*)

> Aston Martin Member's Magazine (**)

> Sphere Life Magazine (***)

> Maison Corthay (****)

> Boodles (†)

> Francis Macdonald & Harry Pye

EMC Vspex - Interactive Presentation.
Whilst working with Hoxton-based agency The Crocodile I coded this project, working from a PSD, using mainly jQuery and CSS3. The layout is fully responsive.

* This ILN site is a revamp that's a concept piece and has yet to be adopted by the Agency (I don't think they will now). Its aim is/was to convey the agency's Print (Magazine) and Design facets in a UI that suggests both. So the concept is full screen images, attention to fonts and sizing, approaching a magazine style. Again, fully responsive and adaptive. Developed and designed by myself.

** The Aston Martin Member's Magazine site is an online version of the print magazine, distributed to subscribers and Aston Martin owners. I designed and developed the site whilst at ILN, based on the print version. At the time the company had no dedicated Digital Designer so absolutely everything is by me. Whilst the client's request was that the site be responsive, and it is, when they came to implement the site within their own site, they chose to display it in a fixed width iFrame (...). So the link to the project is my mirror of the site as it was intended to be seen, which is Responsive. You can see for reference the site on the official Aston Martin website here.

*** The Sphere Life website is a digested online adaptation of the print magazine that is distributed in Orient-Express Hotels, British Airways First and Club Class long-haul flights, five-star London hotels etc. The site was bulit using WordPress and has been designed as fully responsive. I was 100% responsible for the development and architecture, and roughly 70% for the design, concentrating on the responsive adaptation from the full site.

**** The Maison Corthay is built with WordPress and has a bespoke responsive template. Responsible for all the development and for adapting the full screen designs into a responsive layout.

Boodles is an e-commerce website built using Magento. I was repsonsible for the most part of the front end development, and about 25% back end work fiddling with Magento. I also developed the dedicated "Mobile version", but this was the last time and all future projects would be responsive layouts. Quite right too.

I have done lots of other work but the above is the most recent and more relevant to current responsive layout trends. But if you wish to see more examples of my previous work, just let me know.

For historical record here are some Flash Banners I used to do in another life.


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